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Lan Party by Lukas Roth


Lukas Roth’s large-scale photography can be likened to that of Andreas Gursky. Some of his scenes include gaming on a grand scale, a Paris perspective and a pristine street view. The Berlin-based artist states, “In my work, I try to make pictures out of phenomenons of perception that cannot be directly photographed. Our perception starts with the act of physical seeing. This information of the eye is transferred to the brain, where it is processed, filtered and interpreted, before being ‘saved’ as memory. By the means of digital image processing, I try to reconstruct this personal impression (or vision) of a place into an apparently normal (or straight) picture, so that it will be perceptible by the spectator as directly as possible.” It is interesting to note that Roth will take hundreds of photos of his subject and then creates a more intense composition.

Artist: Lukas Roth


A show of work by Lukas Roth opens April 9 at Kopeikin Gallery in Culver City and runs through May 12, 2011.





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