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knittID Sweaters by Olga van Zeijl

knittid_sweaters_olga_van_zeijl.jpg People in the knit: knittID Sweaters by Olga van Zeijl update a Dutch tradition of incorporating personal details in fishermen’s knits, with customized selections of graphic symbols – pills and syringes to parachutes and I Love Mom – representing the lifestyles of real people: Britt, Debby, Sander, Lizz,…


Rob, guitar player

This is van Zeijl’s Design Academy Eindhoven 2013 graduation project, in the Man and Communication Dept., on display along with the designer at the DAE during Dutch Design Week, October 19 to 27, 2013.


Debby, karaoke addict


Olga, designer (photo: Lisa Klappe)

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