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Kin Coda Exhibition

kin_coda_exhibition_steph_mantis.jpg From We-Are-Familia, Kin Coda, an exhibition of the completion of one-of-a-kind keepsake boxes, a project first originated in 2007.


Steph Mantis

“Fritz Hansenâ„¢, the renowned Danish furniture design company, and WE-ARE-FAMILIA, a global network of creative individuals from all disciplines, are pleased to announce KIN CODA, an exhibition of the completion of one-of-a-kind Keepsake Boxes, a project that first originated in 2007.”


David Weeks

“The entire series consists of 25 unique Keepsake Boxes, each showcasing approximately 40 original ‘mementos’, or artworks, contributed by the WE-ARE-FAMILIA family of artists. Each Keepsake Box is a sculptural assemblage of found, recycled and surplus materials. Possessing nostalgic warmth yet employing contemporary forms of expression, the boxes provide a new and exotic understanding of ordinary things.”


Sylva Bradshaw

“To date, WE-ARE-FAMILIA has actualized 11 boxes. Boxes 12 through 25 complete the project and will be exhibited with support from Fritz Hansen, which has donated a bulk of products and materials; rejected, damaged or otherwise unmarketable. Fritz Hansen has long believed that sustainability, quality and design are all equally important. By creating products that are meant to last forever, even the remnants are considered useful.”


UM Project

The 14 artists invited to design and fabricate boxes 12-25 are : Brendan Ravenhill (LA), Fort Standard (BK), Chen Chen and Kai (BK), David Weeks (BK), Joe Doucet (NYC), UM Project (BK), Nightwood (BK), Silva Bradshaw (BK), Steph Mantis (BK), Kiel Mead (BK), Brian Balderston (BK), Iacoli + McAllister (Seattle), MN*LS (Austria), Patrick Townsand (Long Island City) and Jennifer Garcia (NYC).

Photos: Donna Dotan Photography.

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