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i:wing Ventilator by Robert Spillner

iwing_fan_robert_spillner.jpg German designer Robert Spillner presents the i:wing ventilator, two synthetic fiber wings that move gently and silently to create a breeze. A remote control adjusts the beats (18 to 30 per minute).


The wings, which swing back and forth, are pivoted at their lower end. While swinging, they are twisted periodically around their longitudinal axis creating an air stream directed toward the front. At the dead centers small whirls are hurled off to the sides and stream freely in the space. Air is drawn in from behind and fanned to the front. The designer calls this “bionic air circulation”.


“There is something meditative and poetic about it, which lets people in its surroundings become calm and relaxed” says the designer. “Less disturbing and more graceful than any other ventilator. Harmonious ventilation without any nulls”.

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