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Invasion Of The Foot Carrier by Mandy Roos


A series of shoes inspired by dated visions of technology.


Moon Crawler Krypton

Details: A lighthearted reflection of the past looking at the future, Invasion Of The Foot Carrier by Mandy Roos is a series of conceptual shoes “inspired by old school sci-fi films and their imaginary visions of future, spaceships and unknown universes” says the designer.


Galaxys Edge Starburst

Presented in the form of an Issuu idea book meant for the footwear industry, in Invasion Of The Foot Carrier the sole is the platform (pun intended).


Moon Crawler Lunar Crawler

“Sometimes the foot is sinked in the sole or absorbed by slime. Other soles have caterpillar tracks.”


Galaxys Edge Stargazer

“Ideas for the materiality of the soles are for example plastic inspired acrylate, silicone or rubber, concrete- and plaster-like materials, fluid, foam or slime. Transparency plays a big role and has various degradations.”


Moon Crawler Moon Scope

The idea book was an assignment for Roos’ 2014 Design Academy Eindhoven Graduation Project.


Swallowed by Liquids Armus

Source: Photography/retouching by Mandy Roos, models: Kelly van Duijnhoven, Anne van Galen, Victoria Ledig, Kris Siebers and Angela Smeets. Via MOCO Submit.


Alienation and Deforming Boba Fett


Alienation and Deforming Kang


Gravity and Captivity Block-5


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