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Inspiration: Stairwell Wall

veer_stairwell_image_group_1.jpg This post is sponsored by Odd that for someone who communicates with images I find it so very difficult to find images for the walls of my home… This is the first in a series of posts on ideas for images for the different parts of our home (yours and mine). Above, a first set for the stairwell.

Here’s what I found and saved in my album for the stairwell.


Winding Stairs by Quintanilla

After browsing several images of actual staircases the theme for this set began to reveal itself, the convergence of humanity and nature.


Pine Logs Background by Tainas

If you live in rural Canada, you’re never far from a stack of these (especially in Winter). For me, these logs represent pre-architecture, or in some cases, built architecture.


Gate by Cloudrain

Sticking with the theme, this overgrown gate appears to be in the process of being taken back by nature.


Leaf floating in river by Elena Elisseeva

… whereas this is entirely nature made, but it’s where I’d like to be, physically and mentally, on fair weather days like today.


Water Droplet by Claudio Divisia

This image of a water droplet up close looks like a man-made painting and not the photograph that it is.

What would you suggest for the stairwell? Let us know by taking part in our Inspired by Veer Giveaway.

(You might also want to check out these free wallpapers for your iPhone)

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