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Ink Table by Andere Monjo


Andere Monjo’s work is an exploration of water in its different states, so this Ink Table is a reflection of ink’s journey through a material such as wood.


The resulting staining of the table is a testament to the malformed meanderings of water when it is absorbed through a variety of natural materials. The patterns on this table are a combination of ink absorption and handmade prints. As Monjo puts it, “The ‘Ink Table’ is a a metaphor of trees absorbing water through its roots to beautifully blossom… This table absorbs ink through one of its legs (a branch) that later appears on the surface in a delicate illustration form.”


The branch soaks up the ink to a certain level, halfway up, and the table top is also absorbing ink, which then combine with the illustrations. Monjo works with water in its states of liquid, solid and vapour to celebrate one of the most important materials and resources that our planet can offer.


The Ink Table was exhibited at the Salone Satellite in Milan this past April and then at ABC Home in New York in May.


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