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InDeflate Lamps by Shira Keret

Turn this lamp on and an internal fan quietly fills the lamp body with air giving it shape.


Details: InDeflate Lamps are inflatable Tyvek light fixtures designed by Shira Keret shaped like animals. When turned off the light goes out, the fan winds down and the form loses volume slowly. The Tyvek is treated to achieve its soft and wrinkled look.


“Inflatable Animal lamps is a project where I tried to see how one can give more implications to the concept of turning on and off” says the designer. “Objects are a cross between a puppet and a lamp, each shade was created with its own section; sculpted dummy and patterns.”


“The lamp gives a pleasant milky light, perfect for living spaces and children’s rooms.”


Source: Photos by Redesign. Via MOCO Submit.


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