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Incredibly lightweight, Wald is a lamp anchored by a wall socket.


Details: Designed by David Okum for Feltmark, the appropriately named Wald lamp is in fact “walled”, held in place parallel to any wall, just above a wall socket it’s plugged into, without any additional support or base. Bent aluminum is how.


Explains Okum, “Wald is a floor lamp stripped to its most essential parts, then thoughtfully reassembled as a versatile floor lamp to fit any environment.”


“Relying on traditional craftsmanship and deliberate practice, Wald is a bespoke object, thoughtfully and logically made using simple, honest materials and processes.”


“Precision bent aluminum is bead blasted to a fine texture similar to paper, then color anodized – a process that changes the microscopic crystal structure to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal. Resulting in a beautiful deep finish that is durable and more wear resistant. The hardwood body is machine milled in 7 unique processes before being hand finished.”


Available in two heights, Wald is available in a floor lamp height that stands at 4 feet installed, and a shorter height of 3 feet “that is perfect next to a bed.”


Related: Also by David Okum, the Oon Power Outlet, a blocky wooden power bar and O’ Clock (with Javier Palomares), a timepiece fashioned from a block of wood.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.



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