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IGF 2006: North Design Office

igf_north_design_office.jpgA structured grid of fabricated “core samples” containing elements of the flora and fauna of the Gaspe region is the vertical Core Sample garden by North Design Office at the International Garden Festival. A core sample is a technique used by the mining industry to gather information about the composition of a geographic area. Principals Peter and Alissa North traveled the Gaspe region and collected samples, flower petals, leaves, dirt, stones, a range of living and non-living materials and placed them in oil-filled transparent columns. They then placed the columns between grassy landforms that allude to the flowing topography of the region. It’s a striking garden that makes for great video narrated by the festival’s Artistic Director, Lesley Johnstone. More images after the jump. Thanks Lesley!

+ MP4 Quicktime Stream

+ igf_north_design_office.m4v (14.1Mb video iPod file, right click and “Save link as”)



North Design Office principals Peter and Alissa North.


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