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IGF 2006: Cedule 40

igf_cedule_40_swing_2006.jpg“Vernacular rural, agricultural, and playground vocabularies come together in this whimsical interactive garden” called Sous-terrain de jeux by Quebec art collective Cedule 40 at the International Garden Festival. Visitors plant this garden by swinging on the swing. The motion activates two seed distributors on top of the swing. Oat and flax seeds randomly radiate outwards on both sides and in a few weeks a garden will be growing on both sides of the “underground playground” (Sous-terrain de jeux). That’s two of the artists in the video, Julien Boily and Etienne Boulanger, the other two of four, Sonia Boudreau and Noemie Payant-Hebert, were looking on while I shot the video. More images after the jump.

+ MP4 Quicktime Stream

+ igf_cedule_40_sous-terrain.m4v (3.9Mb video iPod file, right click and “Save link as”)



Julien Boily, Etienne Boulanger, Sonia Boudreau and Noemie Payant-Hebert of art collective Cedule 40.



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