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IGF 2006: Bosses design

igf_bosses_design.jpgL’effet de serres, by architects Bosses design, is a play on words, on the french words for greenhouse effect; it’s both literal and figurative. The starting point for this International Garden Festival garden is the ubiquitous greenhouse. The visitor is led through three climates, and the experience becomes more ominous as one progresses through each one of the greenhouses, the first is large and sparse, the last small and packed with greenery. All of which evokes the ever increasing negative effects of greenhouse gases on our climate and planet. The video is narrated by the festival’s Artistic Director, Lesley Johnstone. More images after the jump.

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Three of five Bosses design principals, from left, Eric Daoust, Eve Desrosiers and Jean-Francois Potvin.


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