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IDS10: Rolling Hills by Ministry of the Interior


Designed by Ministry of the Interior, the yurt-like Rolling Hills is one of four concept spaces at Toronto’s IDS10. My first impression is that it is a cross between a fort and a teepee, an interesting Canadian hybrid if anything, and this feeling was gradually replaced by the sense of being in a relaxation space of a Scandinavian spa.


Himmeli lighting by Paul Loebach for Jason Miller‘s new company, Roll and Hill.

Designed by Jason MacIsaac, Rolling Hills (a pure coincidence) is offered as a play on space, form and material. MacIsaac explained that he really wanted to keep to the notion of producing a conceptual area, rather than a traditional showroom space.


Three conical structures of different heights are connected by a passageway. They are open at the top, which further heightens the feeling of floating, yet being quite grounded. Different hard woods have been used, and it is difficult to keep from touching the surface.

When the show is over, Rolling Hills could well end up on a farm a couple of hours north of the city. That feeling of relaxation is replaced by one of envy.


Joey Roth’s Ceramic Speakers look good just about anywhere.


As does work by Jaime Hayon. The contrast between the porcelain details and the calming presence of the wood works well.


The sparse but well chosen furnishings add to the sense of serenity.


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