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How We Work, a book about the avant-garde of Dutch design

how_we_work_a_book_about_the_avant-garde_of_dutch_design.jpg Amsterdam-based studio Studio Aandacht has published a book about the current avant-garde of Dutch design.


Details: Together with photographer Inga Powilleit, Studio Aandacht presents 15 (inter)national designers from the new generation portrayed in their studios in the Netherlands.


A peek behind the scenes, the book will also be accompanied by an exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch from January 24 to May 26, 2015, giving visitors an additional insight as to how these designers work and think.


How We Work can be viewed online at Issuu.


“?After the first wave of ‘Dutch Design’, Dutch designers change direction. The book and exhibition show the makers of nowadays: fifteen designers – a new generation.” says Studio Aandacht.


Designers profiled in the book include: Atelier NL, ?Pieke Bergmans?, Mae Engelgeer, ?Formafantasma,?Pepe Heykoop?, Chris Kabel?, Maarten Kolk & Guus Kusters?, Dirk van der Kooij?, Joris Laarman, ?Valentin Loellmann?, Christien Meindertsma, ?Lex Pott?, rENs?, Daan Roosegaarde?, Scholten & Baijings.


Source: Photos by Inga Powilleit. Via MOCO Submit.










“Photographer Inga Powilleit and Styling director Tatjana Quax made How We Work, an overview of (inter)national designtalent from the Netherlands.??

Since Dutch Design became a worldwide concept, these Dutch designers go new ways. Research about the role and function of design is the starting point for this committed generation. The same question keeps popping up: what to do with the surplus? Material, techniques and the design process are changing. Innovation arises through experiment. These fifteen designers look around and ask themselves: how can I act differently?

The explorative work methods of these young designers lead to new insights, processes and solutions. Arts and crafts are reviewed on their merits, material and color research go hand in hand with the latest production techniques and innovations. High quality and durability in response to mass and overproduction.

This generation is a new sort of world citizen: international and locally orientated, curious, pragmatic ánd idealistic. ?


In the book How We Work, photographer Inga Powilleit and styling director Tatjana Quax show the daily practice of the new generation of designers; how they work and what are their sources of inspiration and work processes? Publicist Merel Bem wrote the introductory text, René Pinging the preface. How We Work is presented by publisher Lecturis, Inga Powilleit and Studio Aandacht during the 2014 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven.???


In addition to the book, the exhibition How We Work opens in January at the Stedelijk Museum ‘s-Hertogenbosch. The exhibition displays the phases of designing, from the research and work process, with the finished product in the end. Guest curator Tatjana Quax selected in collaboration with the museum one object of each designer, around which the process and the story of the creation can be seen. Fifteen very different products are presented with the aim of giving visitors an insight how designers work and think.”

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