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Highlever House by Haptic Architects connects the old and the new.

Details: Highlever House by Haptic Architects is a complete refurbishment and extension of a Victorian semi-detached house in West London. The project has two parts, an extension to the existing house and a garden studio facing it.


Say the architects, “The intention was to form a connection between the old and the new, to juxtapose the Victorian craftsmanship and love for intricate detail with modern construction techniques and to create generosity of space and light.”


“The new extension learns from the existing Victorian building’s architectural intent; with well-proportioned spaces, generous floor-to-ceiling heights and windows that allow plenty of light to flood the rooms. The modern extension amplifies this, creating even bigger volumes with enhanced daylight.”


“In summer, the interior space extends seamlessly into the garden and connects with a garden studio. The studio provides a secluded space to be used by guests, or acts as an additional space to the main house.”


“The new interweaves with the old, through a continuous concrete element or ribbon, extending from one side of the house; the Victorian living room to the modern kitchen at the rear of the property, integrating fireplace, storage, seating and kitchen.”


“The straight laced, vertical timber cladding to the back extension and the garden studio, gives the volumes a clear monolithic form. The untreated timber slats create a surface, which appears soft, drape-like and tactile, with a subtle three dimensionality.”



Project: Highlever House – London

Typology: Residential Refurbishment

Client: Private

Year of construction: 2014

Architect: Haptic Architects

Team: Timo Haedrich, Chris Wong






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