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Half-barrels double as storage for magazines and books in Vault.

Details: Designer Michael Schoner‘s Vault is a furniture series that uses half-barrels as architectonical element. Vault is the arched form commonly used to provide a space with a ceiling or roof in architecture.


Says Schoner, “For making a little side table they are used like a roof on its head. This results in a volume that lifts off the ground. The half-barrels double as storage for magazines and books.”


“On the shelf two of those reversed ‘roofs’ serve as legs. As they are continued with other shells standing on their side one can see an illusion of a sphere when looking under a steep angle.”


“The two following levels are stacked like a facade of alternating elements giving the feeling of something woven. This front catches the light in the vaults, but also lets you see through where they are not. In its niches one can display his or her presses things.”


A thin layer of light grey HPL highlights the insides of the Beech ply Vaults adding to the graphic appearance of the furniture.







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2 thoughts on “Half-barrels double as storage for magazines and books in Vault.

Lovely! They look perfect for a beautiful stylish nursery or playroom for the kids. Of course, it’s also nice enough to use for myself too!

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