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Greg Ball’s Top 5 Picks of 2008


1) 2008 started with our coverage of Toronto’s IDS, Gladstone, and MADE’s Radiant Dark exhibit – a fantastic curation of young designers from across Canada. The tragic and coincidental fire that destroyed a building next door gave Radiant Dark a darker more powerful edge than one could ever have imagined…


2) MADE in the WEST gave us a taste of the great “boom” we are seeing out here in Canada’s West. We had a lot of fun curating this one, and are anticipating much more to come in 2009!


In the spirit of the west, we really loved this fresh approach to 3) light switch covers and electrical outlets by keep it cartesian.


4) 11 – the beautiful game took the classic game of Foosball and made it a whole lot more interesting. GRO design produced the most beautiful version I’ve ever seen.


5) Chauhan studio took us outside “the box” with their form-over-function retro futuristic designed TV and phone. Looking forward to more work from this studio.

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