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Green Homes: New Ideas for Sustainable Living

green_homes_book_2.jpgIt’s nice to see contemporary green homes that look like, contemporary homes. It means that the materials have evolved, clients are cluing in and architects have embraced sustainability as simply another way of designing and specifying a house – without creative limits. Do green cars have to look like a Prius? Do houses have to look green? Not any more it appears. The book features 23 good looking projects including some we’ve mentioned here before; Kieran Timberlake’s Loblolly House, Michelle Kaufmann’s Glidehouse, Chicago’s Factor 10 House. You’ll find the usual photographs, floor plans and detailed drawings that illustrate sustainable features, but you’ll also find topics that include climate regulation, drainage systems, and regional planning. Hardcover, 192 pages, well illustrated, $23.10 at Amazon.

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