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Giro by Starckbike Helmets

The world of motorcycling was the source of inspiration for French designer Philippe Starck‘s bicycle helmets.


Details: A collaboration between Starck and California-based Giro, the aluminum S+ARCKBIKE helmets have a cork liner that offers impact energy management (harvested sustainably in Portugal without damaging the trees!). The 45km/h EAPC approved helmets also have a full visor to protect from the cold and projectiles.


“Cork is also naturally water-resistant and offers significant anti-microbial properties.” says Giro by S+ARCKBIKE. “The shell of the helmet is formed in lightweight aluminum that can be easily recycled at the end of the helmet’s lifespan.”


Adds Philippe Starck, a confirmed biker, “The increasing power of man and machine create new needs and new ergonomics that I have decided to take on with Giro, the most innovative player in this industry”.


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