Modern Contemporary Design


“Ghost Town Precious” by Tom Ngo


Tom Ngo is a Toronto architect who stumbled upon a paint set. From there, a combination of drafting techniques and a delightful imagination has unleashed a series of drawings born of the “what if …” approach. Ngo’s captions and titles are an integral part of the drawings, helping to define the image and tell the story. Shown above is a piece with the following explanation: “This construction combines the themes of permanence and the ephemeral. Shoddily constructed with hints of integrity, the structure has a ghost-town quality.” See more flights of fancy after the jump.

Artist: Tom Ngo



Swing Set Houses – “A pair of houses are attached to a large swing-set structure. The houses share a communal circulation core and next door is an individual swing for one person.”


No Other Way – “A dream house for a meat grinder collector. The above building is constructed of four like facades presenting him a new home every time he arrives by balloon. The structure below is a mental retreat from his constantly changing everyday.”

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