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From bike to 3D model and back by hand.

Details: The k101 is a handcrafted motorcycle project by Munich-based Impuls, designers Phillip Wulk and Matthias Pittner, in collaboration with artists Fabian Gatermann and Matthias Edlinger. Based on the BMW K100, the team created two unique motorcycles with the artists.

Says Impuls, “Through the complete new interpretation of the bike in terms of appearance and the custom manufactured parts both motorbikes become iconic and minimal artwork itself.”

Artist Fabian Gatermann created his entire motorcycle in 3D and then created a set of polygons through manual iteration and drew them back onto the motorcycle by hand.


As for artist Matthias Edlinger, he created an ironic interpretation of common bike aesthetics on his bike.

“The common pin up and illustrations ornaments are deconstructed and attached onto the bike in the Edlinger style. Edlinger has a rough artistic approach that mixes with a subtle and humoristic flavor.”

Source: Photos by Philipp Wulk. Via MOCO Submit.



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