Mono-Lights by OS & OOS
by Harry / December 11, 2014
Lights have to do more says OS & OOS.

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Details: Mono-lights, by Eindhoven-based designers OS & OOS, are fluorescent-like tubes updated with the latest LED technology. The structural elements are an extension of the tubes themselves, with the added function of being flexible, "yielding themselves to the possibilities of being bent and contorted to fix into any situation" say the designers.


"With ever increasing demands for products to become lighter, faster, smaller, more intuitive and interface with us as human beings, materials are having to become more multifunctional, being able to perform more than one task."


"Mono-lights takes on this task and presents a methodology where one material combines multi-functionality with a clear monolithic aesthetic. The studio produces this light installation for any kind of interior situation; in staircases, across the wall, ceiling and floors, due to its flexibility it thrives in any space."


The Mono-Light copper edition is bespoke, commissioned by Paris-based Galerie Gosserez.

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