8.4.1 Bookcase by Tom Maher & Eamon Peregrine
by Harry / December 7, 2014
The vertical and horizontal planks of the 8.4.1 Bookcase are offset to create a three dimensional composition.

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Details: Created by Dublin-based 8BY4, 8.4.1 is a furniture range conceived and defined by being CNC cut from sheet material with the goal of minimizing material wastage and ease of assembly/disassembly.


The pieces are slot jointed together without the use of glue or fixings and the choice of material is defined by the end user.


For the bookcase, 10 interlocking planks of 18mm birch veneered plywood are slot jointed together. The vertical and horizontal planks are offset to create a three dimensional composition providing a variety of shelf heights and depths.


The bookcase shown uses one 8 x 4 ft sheet of material, however, the use of additional sheets allows the piece to expand in all dimensions.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.



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