Rabbit Joint Chair by Ryan Yoon and Harc Lee
by Harry / October 22, 2014
Ryan Yoon and Harc Lee have created a new joint that looks like rabbit ears.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Details: Six rabbit joints made of bio resin are used in the Rabbit Joint Chair to hold the seat, back and legs together. To make the joinery, rabbit ears are carved on the seat and several holes aligned with the ears are drilled on the leg. Bio resin is then poured into the rabbit ears until the resin flows into the holes and fills all the paths.


"The paths become hard and strong after the resin has dried. In this way the joint holds the leg very tightly." explain the designers.


"Through this project, we explore a few different ways to join two objects. It was very exciting to see a typical and ordinary component such as a joint became a major characteristic of a chair."


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