Six Mile Pencil by Mat Lyon
by Harry / September 25, 2014
The Six Mile Pencil contains enough graphite to draw six miles.

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Details: Designed by Lyon&Lyon, the bright yellow pencil illustrates how far its user has drawn by using a mile ruler printed on it's body. It was created to encourage people to revive the diminishing skill of using a pencil. Now funding on Kickstarter, the pencil will be produced in one of the last remaining pencil manufacturers in England, Chambers pencils, a 90 year old family run business.


"The pencil displays how many miles of graphite you have used and how far your thoughts have travelled." says Lyon. "With every hand drawn sketch, memo or offensive doodle of your boss, you can visibly see how far you've drawn and fist pump the air at every milestone."


Source: Via MOCO Submit.

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