London Design Festival 2014: Big Small Show
by Harry / September 1, 2014
Graduates from the Royal College of Art have gotten together to highlight contemporary contradictions in design at the London Design Festival. Above, Hat by Julia Georgallis and Dustin Jessen.

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Hat manufacture by Julia Georgallis and Dustin Jessen

BIG ....... vs ....... SMALL
ANALOGUE ....... vs ....... DIGITAL
RICH ....... vs ....... POOR
GLOBAL ....... vs ....... LOCAL
MAN ....... vs ....... MACHINE


Landscape of Gravity by Kirsi Enkovaara

Details: During the 2014 edition of the London Design Festival, a group of graduates from the Royal College of Art will run Big Small Show: events, talks and an exhibition based on contemporary contradictions in design.


Inked by Jess Fugler - Leather tatooing machine

"Individually, approaches vary but collectively the work engages contemporary contradictions within design - The relationships between digital and analogue, for example, in a changing age of technology. Or the relationships between local production and global distribution." says the group.


Char Colour by Avantika Agarwal

"The work itself is split into two distinct camps - one which deals with engaging opposing values from aesthetic and cultural perspectives and one which look at the strange relationship between craft, manufacture and scale."

Big Small Show / RCA Design Products events begin September 15th to 19th at the Hoxton Basement Gallery, 12 - 16 Hoxton Street, London (opposite the Red Lion Pub). Open from 10am - 10pm each day.

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