Pencil Low Tables by Luís Nascimento
by Harry / August 25, 2014
Luís Nascimento's all-cork tables are shaved like a giant pencil tip.

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Details: Pencil is a coffee table with a geometrical reference to the common pencil. Available in black natural cork or with the lateral faces covered with white cork, from Blackcork, a Portuguese contemporary furniture brand.


Pencil is made of expanded black cork, a process pioneered by 
Blackcork's owner, Sofalca. Cork from branches (falca) is used for the manufacture of cork granules, injected with water vapor that expand and agglutinate with the resins of the cork itself. This "cooking" gives agglomerated cork its dark color, like chocolate. Biomass, obtained from milling and cleaning the falca, is used for the production of the steam used in the process, making it 95% energy self sufficient. Cork is also a CO2 sink and plays a key role in the environment.


Designer: Luís Nascimento is a Portuguese designer whose work "wanders between product, graphic design and illustration". He is inspired by arts and crafts and believes there's no substitute to a talented craftsman when it comes to delivering quality products.

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