Noc Kupaly Woolen Tapestry by Kosmos Project
by Harry / August 11, 2014
A woolen tapestry by Kosmos Project celebrates Polish culture and the traditional seasonal festival of Kupala Night (Noc Kupaly).

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Details: "Kupala Night was the Pagan Slavic feast of fire and water connected to summer solstice" says Kosmos, who examined ancient Slavic rites and ceremonies to "recreate the power of emotions that was aroused during the mysteries." Interpreted into modern design language, the tapestry, handmade in natural wool, features colourful images of woodland animals.


"Since the past is always an element of the future, we believe that returning to our roots can show us the way of creating the future." The tapestry will be shown during Dutch Design Week 2014 from October 18 to 26.


Designers: Kosmos Project, designers Ewa Bochen and Maciej Jelski, is a contemporary design studio based in Warsaw, Poland that specializes in interior, product, exhibition and graphic design. Their design approach is "built on the conviction that our environment determines our attitudes."

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