Proplamp by Margje Teeuwen & Erwin Zwiers
by Harry / August 7, 2014
Crumple the Proplamp as often as you like, the biodegradable non woven material it's made of will hold its new shape.

Details: The result of experimenting with new materials, and a serendipitous encounter with designer Erwin Zwiers, led lamp designer Margje Teeuwen to design a collaborative collection of tailor-made lights that originate by crumbling.

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"Always experimenting with new materials, [Erwin Zwiers] came across a multifunctional non woven plastic, which was ideal for designing a light. So independent from one-another, they were working on a similar light-object and instead of competing they decided to join forces." say the designers.


Each lamp is pre-shaped by Margje and Erwin, but the unique features of the material allow the lamp to be reshaped over and over again, by the new owner.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.



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