Butterfly Lamp by Danny Duquemin-Sheil
by Harry / August 6, 2014
Danny Duquemin-Sheil's Butterfly lamp design is based on a map projection of the Earth in two-dimensional space.

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Details: An ambient lamp intended for table top or sideboard use, the long bulb and cartographic grid casts dramatic shadows out in all directions. The folded laser cut metal body uses the 'Butterfly' projection by mathematician Steve Waterman, the design representing the spherical surface of the Earth in a two-dimensional space.


"Waterman's relatively recent arrangement has numerous advantages over historic examples; the aim is to show the landmasses and other information as proportionally as possible with minimum disruption." says Duquemin-Sheil.


"When reassembled, it takes a 'truncated octahedron' form, a geometric abstraction of the globe itself. The angle of the rotational tilt is exaggerated, with the slender filament as the axis."


"Folded steel sections make up the frame, held together with brass and blackened fasteners. The card of the sections in between, also laser-cut, is an homage to the traditional glued card globes of companies such as Replogle, still mass-produced in the same way today."


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