Re-Cocoon by Yasuhiro Suzuki
by Harry / July 11, 2014
Yasuhiro Suzuki's Re-Cocoon furnishings collection is all made of spun silk.

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Details: Suzuki developed his own method of cocooning by boiling silk cocoons and directly spinning silk fibre onto a mould. He also developed a spinning machine and the collapsible mold's structures. "The idea of this project derived from my curiosity of silk textile production and processes such as silk spinning." says the designer.


Suzuki used the re-cocoon method/material for lampshades because silk is heat-resistant and is the lightest and strongest fiber in the animal world. "In order for these lamps to hold their shape, I utilize silk's natural glue-like protein, Sericin. In addition, these silk lamps have no framework inside except a metal frame's lamp because the combination with natural silk's glue and silk fiber gives great strength."


"I can continually spin approximately 1.5 kilometers of fiber from each cocoon, which allows me to then produce these lamps. Each lamp is completed only from the natural properties of silk. Therefore, this light is biodegradable and this project is sustainable."


Designer: Yasuhiro Suzuki is a 2014 graduate from the Design Products program at the Royal College of Art in London.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.


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