Le Frome dell'Acqua (Water Shapes) Popsicles
by Harry / June 19, 2014
A recent 4-day workshop with 20 design students at Abadir, a fine arts academy in Catania, Italy, revisited the popsicle. Here are the results. Above, tutor-designer Andrea Signoretto.

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Details: The event, a basic design workshop, is one of the events that annually precedes the start of "Out of the Door", a master's degree in product design conceived by Vittorio Venezia and Massimo Tepedino now in its second edition.


"The objective of the workshop was to explore the various stages of the project, from the development of the concept to the realization of the model, all starting with a common theme, that is the icicle as a 'form supported by a stick.'" says directors Venezia and Tepedino.


"The choice to work on extra disciplinary topics, in this case the kitchen in relation to to design, helps to deal with subjects known to everybody (for example the popsicles but also to catch some affinities in the creative processes typical of other disciplines. Designing a new form of ice is also a way to practice on the variations, those slight deviations from the classical form that result in countless forms."


Source: Via MOCO Submit.






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