Cases Of Life by Open Design Italia Factory
by Harry / June 9, 2014
Six designers and nine craftsmen were matched to create Cases Of Life, a series of modular and interchangeable containers "for a nomadic life".

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Opening the Kitchen Set

Details: Realized by winners of Open Design Italia's most recent competition and craftsmen from CNA Vicenza, Cases Of Life are modular and compact containers for the kitchen, bathroom and office. The large containers contain smaller boxes made of ceramic, wood, glass and metal, each with a lid which can be used for specific functions after being removed.


The contents of the Kitchen Set

The cases can be customized, moved from one set to another or bought separately. Participating designers include Acquacalda, Raffaella Brunzin, Gaetano Di Gregorio, Piquattropunto, Paolo Vallara and Andrea Zausa.


The Office Set

Cases Of Life are designed for "a nomadic life ... between changing apartments and cities and between workplaces that are increasingly shared and flexible" says Open Design Italia.


Opening the Office Set

The Open Design Italia project's aim is to involve the various actors, from design to production, "to an equal level, raising the craftsmen from being just suppliers" says Open Design Italia. "The work done so far contributed to build a good methodology that can be improved and replicated in order to built similar co-operations between designers and craftsmen, who rarely share the same language."


The contents of the Office Set

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