33 1/3 Container by Zoë Mowat
by Harry / June 6, 2014
Montreal designer Zoë Mowat's 33 1/3 is an ode to the common milk crate for storing LP's.

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33 1/3

Details: Part of a series of pieces with a focus on storage, 33 1/3 "explores the ideas surrounding how we collect, organize, and define the objects in our lives" says the designer.


Tablescape I & II

33 1/3 and Tablescape I & II, a series inspired by the Eames' philosophy of "select and arrange", combines walnut, steel, colored ash, marble, and leather.


Tablescape I & II detail

Designer: Zoë Mowat operates Zoë Mowat Design, a furniture design studio in Montreal, Quebec. Zoë's work has a strong sculptural component with emphasis on simple forms, bold colours and unusual material combinations. 


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