Gradation/Texture Home Collection by Seiji Oguri and Yohei Oki
by Harry / June 5, 2014
It's not just a name, gradations and textures define Japanese design office id's collection of home furnishings.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Details: New brand Yokohama Makers Village (YMV), founded by several Yokohama-based metal processing companies, teamed up with id to design consumer products using manufacturing methods normally used to make non-consumer, infrastructure products usually unseen by the general public. "Although the whole collections take advantage of metallic strengths, each product leaves a soft impression." says id.


The Gradation Chair gradually changes in form, from the legs, made with square poles, to the backrest, made with round pole.


The Gradation Lamp presents a color gradation on its base and inside the light shade when turned on.



The Gradation Tray is gradationally colored by a heating process.


The Texture Tray has unique patterns created by a coating process. "The fresh and clear work with an irregular surface attracts people in a way simple painting cannot bring out." says id.


The Texture stone is an accessory case as well as a code holder, with a "unique shape and texture to be tempted to touch."


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