Edyn Smart Gardening System by Yves Behar
by Harry / June 5, 2014
Fuseproject's Yves Behar wants to maximize the potential of the Internet of Things, in nature, with sensing technology for plants.

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Details: A collaboration with soil scientist Jason Aramburu, the Edyn Garden Sensor is a solar powered sensor that provides "communication between nature and its caretaker" says Fuseproject.

Edyn's "stem" (the sensor) reads the soil's moisture and fertility, as well as temperature, air humidity, and sunlight. The information is then transmitted through WiFi to an app, providing the gardener with everything they need to know to manage their garden.


"With Jason's knowledge as a soil scientist, we were able to design the app to give the user a contextual snapshot of your garden in a clear and concise way, maximizing their gardening potential."


The app also shows which plants or groups of plants will grow best in a given garden, provides tips based on weather and soil nutrient levels, and sends in-the-moment updates and notifications.


Another sensor, the Edyn Water Valve, attaches to the sprinkler system and automatically turns on the sprinklers when the Edyn Garden Sensor reads that the soil moisture is low, giving plants water only when they need it.

Funding now on Kickstarter.


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