Paper Shelf by Willy Chong
by Harry / June 2, 2014
Tabs passed through the back and sides of Paper, a shelf made of paper by Willy Chong, are all that hold it together.

Details: Part of a project titled The Synthesis of Dual Heritage that cultivates Chong's dual heritage, Paper is a material with roots in both Chinese and Swedish culture and history.

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The shelf sides consist of overlapping paper sheets to extend the shelf height and are laminated in five layers, as are all the shelves.


The shelf is held together with the help of tabs passed through the back and sides of the shelf - by bending the tabs inward they secure the whole construction.


About The Synthesis of Dual Heritage, says Chong, "Rather than showing the differences between these two cultures I chose to focus on what they have in common."


"Due to the invention of papermaking and printing in ancient China, a skill that spread by the Silk Road and Sweden mastered in modern times, it was possible to preserve knowledge and stories for the next generation."


"Therefore, it seemed more than fitting that the depiction would demonstrate that, hence the shape of a shelf; a furniture designed to archive experiences. And to go even one step further, the shelf is only made ​​of paper sheets, those books are made of."


Source: Photos by Martin Skoog and Willy Chong.


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