New Order Shelving by Stefan Diez
by Harry / May 27, 2014
The new order of New Order Shelving is the result of the digitization of modern life and the way we now "store our life" says designer Stefan Diez.

Details: "Personal papers no longer take up several ring binders but are now neatly organized in the digital cloud alongside thousands of photos, music tracks and films." says Diez. "Today, the shelving unit has become more of a stage for storytelling where we exhibit personal objects and curios collected over the years."


With a structure made of aluminium, shelves can be up to two meters wide and still maintain its shape under the weight of books and other items.


The versatile New Order system is flexible in structure and composition and can be modified, expanded and customized in endless variations, "New Order can be tall or short, wide or narrow, open or closed - or any combination in between." says Mette and Rolf Hay of New Order's producer, Hay.


Source: Photos by Rasmus Norlander.


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