Hush Pods by Freyja Sewell
by Harry / May 21, 2014
Open plan offices, CCTV, online profile sharing, cameras built into our laptops - it's never been easier to connect - but what about when we want to withdraw? Hush says Freyja Sewell.

Details: An enclosed space that provides a personal retreat, Hush is "a luxurious escape into a dark, hushed, natural space in the midst of a busy hotel, airport, office or library" says Sewell.


Hush is cut from a single piece of biodegradable and sustainably produced 10mm industrial wool felt, a material that is multi-climatic, warm when the environment is cold and cool when it's warm. Internal padding is made from recycled wool fibers, produced as a by-product of the British carpet industry. Manufactured in Durham, UK by Ness Furniture.

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