Pillar Laptop Stand by Sruli Recht
by Harry / May 15, 2014
Borrowing from the landscape of Iceland and its basalt columns, Pillar is a lightweight, collapsible notebook PC stand designed to address poor posture and the potential for long-term health issues resulting from improper use of laptops while seated or standing.

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Details: Created for new design lab Foald, Pillar also comes with Traveller, a laser-cut Icelandic reindeer leather sleeve, with exposed stitching and a rubberised button closure. The sleeve accommodates the Pillar, a 13" notebook or smaller, a keyboard, a mouse, and a charging cable. Also included, Templar, a hand-made wood-laminate Pillar made of 1.5mm matte black oak veneer, double layered, with matte black reflective webbing at the hinged edges. Funding on Kickstarter now.


Source: photos by Marino Thorlacius.



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