prizedobject[dot]platform by Daniel Moyer
by Harry / May 7, 2014
A modern take on ancient display pieces: intensely figured slab wood- problematic off-cuts, knotty and spalted from insects and illness, are building blocks in Daniel Moyer's prizedobject[dot]platform center medallion.

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Designer: danielmoyerdesign is a "dream+make" design studio/workshop in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


Details: The wood elements float within a joined frame resting on miniature riad arches, "celebrating the pedestal's connection to antiquity" says Moyer, and "Struck straight through the four sides an 'X' supports the slabette 'in mid air'. Cast shadows are amazing." prizedobject[dot]platform by danielmoyerdesign will be shown at WantedDesign's IndustryCity/Design event during NYCxDESIGN May 10 through 20, 2014.


Source: Via MOCO Submit.


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