Gradient Chair by Joris Laarman Lab
by Ted Savage / April 30, 2014
3D printing furniture: Gradient Chair by Joris Laarman Lab, 3D printed in thermoplastic polyurethane, solid at structural points, with a soft and flexible surface, "like foam that is engineered on a cellular level."

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Details: Part of the Joris Laarman Lab: Bits and Crafts exhibition, featuring works created in collaboration with Vortex, Mx3d, and Microstructures, May 1 to June 14, 2014 at Friedman Benda, New York.


Designer: Joris Laarman Lab, formed in Amsterdam in 2004 by designer/artist Joris Laarman and film maker Anita Star, engages in experimental work with emerging technologies, digital fabrication and computational design, and collaborates internationally with craftsmen, scientists and other creators.



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