& Sparkles Bespoke Jewelry
by Harry / April 14, 2014
MOCO Promotion: & Sparkles has found a way to shake things up in the jewelry world, bringing fresh creative talent to jewelry design, breaking the access barrier to costly materials, and allowing consumers to work directly with designers to customize their selections.

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On the making end, a pool of international designers from a range of disciplines - product, spatial and jewelry design, art, fashion, architecture, many of them applying their skills to jewelry for the first time - are given access to precious metals and gems that would normally be impossible to afford, and teamed up with expert European craftsmen, to produce the & Sparkles collection.


The result is a quite stunning array of high-end designer jewelry, over 150 original pieces, including rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces, in gold, platinum and conflict-free precious stones.


Next step in the & Sparkles concept is customization: clients are encouraged to work with the individual designers to tailor the items they have chosen, ensuring that each piece is one-of-a-kind. It's high quality, socially-conscious bespoke jewelry in one smoothly integrated buying experience.


& Sparkles originated with cousins Daniel and Ronald Schipper, one in commodities trading and hedge fund management, the other at the leading edge of luxury brands, with a shared family background deep in the Dutch diamond and jewelry trade. Research was executed, their skill sets were merged, talent was acquired, licensing arranged. The & Sparkles jewelry revolution is here.

& Sparkles


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