I love Mom Furniture by Serena Confalonieri
by Ted Savage / April 1, 2014
Mother-daughter makeover: I love Mom Furniture by Serena Confalonieri uses nautical rope and Mom's help to decoratively transform mass-produced Scandinavian products into handcrafted tributes to stereotypical Italian characteristics: coffee table into armchair (laziness), stepladder into kneeling stool (Catholicism), and drying rack into dining table (mother-centricity).

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Details: The three objects were transformed using a total of six different knitting and weaving techniques. The traditional red, blue and yellow colors evoke Italy. The project title references sailors' tattoos, an indication of the Scandinavian-Italian journey. Designed and executed in collaboration with Confalonieri's mother. I love Mom Furniture will be shown in the Mediterranean Dysfunction exhibition at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week 2014.


Designer: Based in Milan, Serena Confalonieri (Masters, Interior Design, Politecnico di Milano,2006) is an independent designer specializing in interior, graphic and textile design projects, working from a place "in between product and graphic design."



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