Aikuchi Sword by Marc Newson
by Ted Savage / March 19, 2014
Sword modernization: Aikuchi Swords by Marc Newson adds global flavor to the classic Japanese swordmaking art, with Newson design in every detail except for the blade, drawing from the traditions of the Tohoku region of Japan.

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Details: In a limited edition of 10. Aikuchi is a Japanese term for a type of sword mounting without a guard between handle and scabbard. Newson worked with traditional Japanese master craftsmen on the project by Japanese visual design firm, WOW, whose president, Hiroshi Takahashi, comes from a family of swordsmiths dating back to the 1700s,


Designer: Industrial designer Marc Newson, a 1986 jewellery and sculpture graduate of Sydney College of the Arts, Australia, has been called the most influential designer of his generation.

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