Deceptor Ping Pong Table by Janne Kyttanen
by Ted Savage / March 10, 2014
Sports art: Deceptor Ping Pong Table by Janne Kyttanen is sculptural, innovative, functional, designed for outdoors, and manufactured by 3D printing, including custom faceted paddles for trick shot support, and balls that are unaffected by wind.

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Details: "I can't function without sport and art. I decided to combine my two great passions by creating a design which completely reinvents the sport of Ping Pong." - Kyttanen. Showing at Galerie VIVID, Rotterdam, 2 Mar - 20 Apr 2014.


Designer: Janne Kyttanen is a pioneer in 3D design and printing, currently Creative Director for 3D Systems, one of the leading global 3D hardware manufacturers. He came to design from the pro sports, where he was ranked internationally #49 in squash (2000): "Through my pursuit of these disciplines I have learned that physical and artistic boundaries are non-existent."



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