Extra-Ordinary Gallery by Fabrica
by Ted Savage / March 4, 2014
Everyday, improved: Extra-Ordinary Gallery by Fabrica is a collection of 16 simple objects for everyday living - scribbling a note, checking the time, having a drink - redesigned to make the little things that much more pleasurable and perfect.

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Blank page by Sam Baron. A simple white sheet in A4 format, as the blank page which proceeds a new idea, a letter, or an hour spend doing. One corner of the clock is folded up to create a shadow and conceptually lift it, somewhat, from the wall where it will be placed. The speed and pace of time is complemented by the calm whiteness. Simple, anonymous and as common as time is for everybody.

Details: Created by a team of Fabrica designers. Graphite notebook/sketchbook/pencil (Catarina Carreiras and Mariana Fernandes); Blank Page clock, Bling credit hard holder (Sam Baron); On the Rocks ice cube substitutes, Bu! wall organizer (Federico Floriani); Blot cushions (Mariana Fernandes); Chloris wireframe sculpture/vase (Ryu Yamamoto); Dilemma fruit bowl/cake plate (Dean Brown); Heracles paperweight/dumbbell (Charlotte Juillard); High-Wire hanging baskets (Kirsty Minns); Pinco Panco paperweights, Prêt à boire carafe/vase, Vanity Affair mirror (Giorgia Zanellato); Quadro decorative frame, Sombra shelf (Catarina Carreiras); Solifleur hanging vases (Margaux Keller).


Blot by Mariana Fernandes. A stain as an artistic symbol, that is absorbed by the cushion as a domestic canvas, which celebrates the painting process. Blot is a pair of true black and white cushions that artistically accentuate a sofa or a bed.

Designer: Fabrica is a "communication research centre" in Treviso, Italy, established in 1994, part of the Benetton Group, providing one-year scholarships to under-25s involved in design, communication, photography, code, video, music, journalism and media, with the aim of producing "the next generation of creative leaders, capable of positively addressing 21st century issues."


Bu! by Federico Floriani. Bu! is a metal wire wall organizer inspired by the decorative door railings of southern Italian heritage. You are welcomed by a friendly face hanging on your wall as an extra host in your home, that makes arriving home unique every day.


Dilemma by Dean Brown. An uncertain table piece that can be used as fruit bowl (above) or a cake plate (below). It acknowledges a personal dilemma: to eat healthily or to indulge. Without being judgmental, it presents two alternative ways to enjoy food.


Dilemma fruit bowl by Dean Brown. Fruit bowl assembly - mount the ceramic piece (bowl side up) on the wooden stick with the wooden platform at the base. Insert the wooden peg in the hole to hang bananas, grapes etc.


Dilemma cake plate by Dean Brown. Cake plate assembly - mount the ceramic piece (flat side up) on the wooden stick with the wooden platform at the base. Fix the extra wooden platform on top of the stick.


High-Wire by Kirsty Minns. High-wire is a series of hanging baskets that can be used in a multitude of ways, such as for fruit, plants or indoors as an interesting suspended storage solution. The shapes have been shifted from their historic recognized typology to offer a contemporary twist to this well-loved peculiar object.


Pinco Panco by Giorgia Zanellato. Pinco Panco are a couple of paperweights, one made in stone and the other in marble. The heavy bases are contrasted by wooden handles with peculiar ways to be held. They are reminiscent of artisanal tools that are inherently intuitive through a refined sense that they should be hold.


Prêt à boire by Giorgia Zanellato. A glass container is suspended in space. A metal wire structure frames the carafe becoming a support and also an unconventional handle. It can be used as a centerpiece to serve beverages, or as a vase that can be easily carried.


Quadro by Catarina Carreiras. A frame that draws a surface for everything and anything, perfect for an empty space that needs to be filled up. A simple drawing made of metal, which can hold notes or pictures with its small black magnets. From simple to complex artworks, a different composition appears every time you add a new memory to it.


Graphite by Catarina Carreiras and Mariana Fernandes. This collection of two sketchbooks, one notebook and a pencil was made so everyone has the possibility to explore an idea, make a drawing, write a letter, keep track of time or just idly doodle your days away. Based on a monochrome palette the collection highlights the dialogue between paper and thinking, suggested through black and white contrast. The double ended notebook is one example of the novel and surprising details informed by the particularities of stationary and how we engage with them through our creative endeavours.


Vanity Affair by Giorgia Zanellato. A rounded beauty mirror nested in a geometry of metal wire. The decorative structure becomes the container of the mirror, giving an architectural presence to a vanity piece.


Bling by Sam Baron. The value of physical money is lost in the use of the credit card. The card holder re-expresses this symbolism - adorned in gold, as reference to the value of the most expensive metal. A little message written on the card holder wishes us to spend well for 2014. The holding of the card is a way of hiding what people possess, always recognized as a sign of human elegance.


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