Shapist iPad Puzzle by Qixen-P
by Ted Savage / February 25, 2014
Keeping it real: Shapist iPad Puzzle by Takemura Ori is a sliding box puzzle designed to transcend the virtual - a digital representation of a physical object - by making the tablet platform the game object itself, with no controls or text to get in the way, just pure play.

Details: More than 50 puzzles to solve. Created by Takemura Ori and Dmitry Kurilchenkom "to show how a classical game concept can be embraced by physics, experimentation and new mechanics."


Designer: Founded by Takemura Ori, dually based in Singapore and Moscow, Qixen-P is "all about games, apps, web sites, graphic, interaction and product design - things that talk to people."


Source: MOCO Submit. Available on iTunes.

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