Common Methods Community Design Project
by Ted Savage / February 14, 2014
Announcing Common Methods, a new international community design initiative, with a First Edition showcase of Dutch-South African product design collaboration, set for this summer in Cape Town.

According to the founders, Agata Karolina and Matylda Krzykowski:

"Common Methods is an ongoing venture with a collaborative design and culture experience. We want to establish on going relationships between designers, locals, craftsmen, manufacturers and the public. What do they have in common? What do they gain from working with each other? Common Methods was initiated to contribute to the development of these networks, through direct contact and real time collaboration.

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Common Methods Community members, designers Lio de Bruin (left) and Mathew Nielson

"We want to bring designers to uncommon territories, to stimulate new developments through collaboration that promotes knowledge exchange and personal development. The progress will be visible in a collection of products, created in a collaboration between the Dutch and South African designers, and the local manufacturers in its First Edition. These outcomes will be presented in a walk-in exhibition that provides a side program with a long list of collaborators."

First Edition Exhibition: Last October, Common Methods was awarded official Black Badge status by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design's World Design Capital, and is an officially supported WDC2014 event. The First Edition will be held between July and August 2014 at The Bank, Fringe District, Cape Town, South Africa.

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