Hybrid Radio by Mathieu Lehanneur for Lexon
by Ted Savage / January 22, 2014
Still alive and well: Hybrid Radio by Mathieu Lehanneur for Lexon celebrates radio as relevant as ever and free as air, with a digital unit partially wrapped in woven rattan.

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Detail:"Digital intelligence is blended here with a raw material, what might be called smart and craft!" Availble in white and graphite.


Designer: Mathieu Lehanneur graduated from ENSCI-Les Ateliers (French National School for Advanced Studies in Design) in 2001, and opened his own studio that same year. His extensive client roster includes Cartier, Nike, Harvard U, Sony, Hennessy, Issey Miyake, Schneider Electric, and Paco Rabanne.


Photos: Veronique Huygues.


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